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Birth of Black Holes can be seen for First Time

A new theory says that a dying star will generate a peculiar type of flash of light which will allow scientists to observe the creation of a new Black Hole for first time.

The scanning process in space is on for such flash of light.

Birth of Black hole

Birth of Black hole

The California Institute of Technology postdoctoral scholar Tony Piro says:

A star collapses due to its own weight, electron and proton gives formation to neutrons. In its last stage of death, briefly star becomes energy packed dense object called Neutron Star. Then finally collapse to a Black Hole and its energy is immense.

A dying Star produces a shock wave shivering of hydrogen gas from its Core, at a speed of 2 million miles per hour. That shock wave heats the gasses present in the star and generates a glow, glowing gas is a sign that Black Hole is forming.

The flash of light thus generated would be very bright, shining for 10 days before converted into a Black Hole. No Black Hole flash have been seen yet.

Research is published in The Astrophysical Journal.

More about Black Hole

Black Hole Flash light

Black Hole Flash light

A Black Hole is a destructive force in the universe, that vaccume up matter or formed by a dead star. It is a sucker which have a tendency to consume everything, even sound light and time. The gravitational pull of Black Hole is so high that, whatever pulled towards it is teared into pieces that’s why even light and time cant escape. Black Hole grow by swallowing matter. It put out Even more energy because of increased distortion in space which makes matter near them to not even stand still or orbit slowly.

Nothing can escape Black Hole. to escape the pull of Black Hole the object must have speed more than that of light. making such an object is practically impossible.

Black Hole as a time Traveler

When you are close to a Black Hole, the time on Earth moves without you. The closer you approach a Black Hole, time slows. Gravity of Black Hole is so strong that it can slow down time due to the Gravitational time Dilution, as shown by Einsteins theory of Relativity.


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